The Importance of Moisture Control

by Housetech Pest Control on January 30, 2013

Moisture Filled Places  
We all have those locations in our home.  Places where things are damp and don’t ever seem to get quite dry.  Or places where moisture tends to gather and we don’t think to bother with it because surely at some point it will dry out, right?   
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However, the truth is that you should pay more attention to controlling moisture in your home.  You may be surprised to learn that there are a lot more problems associated with a lack of moisture control than you thought.  This may include locations such as your basement, garage, bathroom, or even areas in your kitchen.   

Pests Who Enjoy Moisture  
A large number of pests are actually very contented to discover a damp place in your home.  The moisture means they have an excellent place to live and breed.  Pests that like moisture can include crickets, cockroaches, earwigs, and many, many more.  There are few pests that actually prefer a dry environment.  Moisture is good because it means water, and water essentially means life.  Moisture can collect in small areas that are perfect for pests to get needed hydration.   

This is why so often when you discover a pest problem, the insects are located in places that tend to include moisture.  Dark places that don’t see much light are more susceptible to moisture -   under sinks where pipes can condensate or in basement corners and cracks.  These places are what make pests happy.  

What Do I Do?  
Discovering how to control moisture in your home is the key to lessening the number of potential pests that decide to live there.  Some places can be more difficult than others to control moisture depending upon how your house is built and where it is located.  If you have a basement, you can begin there by sealing up cracks where moisture can leak in from outside, or have a professional look it over and help you figure out where moisture can be blocked out.  In some cases you may even have to purchase a dehumidifier in order to draw the moisture out of the air.  Check the pipes in your home to make sure they aren’t leaking.   

You can also contact Ross Environmental Solutions to evaluate your home.  We can let you know what can be done in order to reduce the amount of moisture in your house. We have a strong knowledge of what pests enjoy and where areas can be improved in order to keep pests out more effectively.


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